Kris Delgado/Rise Up To Love

This challenge is designed for you to start off your SELF LOVE JOURNEY by learning your Love Language!

My intention for this challenge is for you to learn, expand and deepen your relationship with yourself. The 5 Love Languages are 5 different ways of expressing, giving and receiving love.

Not everyone communicates love in the same way, or receives love the same. Now, even if you know yours already or think you do, be open to this challenge and all of the assignments. You may find that it's changed over time.

So this challenge is designed for you to start off your SELF LOVE JOURNEY by discovering your primary love language so that you can have a better understanding of your needs so that you can not only start speaking that language regularly to yourself, but to fully embody it!  

It will also help you teach other people the best way to love you as well!

Each day you will recieve an email with a video from me discussing one of the 5 Love Languages, and a downloadable assignment.

All this for $11.11.

I am so excited about this, sign up below and be ready to start the challenge!